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Jili Betting Rules

The player will be regarded to have accepted and understood all of the following terms and conditions, the website’s privacy policies, and the rules governing betting or gaming items (collectively referred to as “terms”) if they access any element of the JILI website or application.
These Terms of Service are subject to periodic revision by the Company. The webpage will list every update. This page offers phrases that have recently been changed. The Player must stop using the Site and/or close the account if any changes to the Terms are unacceptable to them. The player will be regarded to have accepted the modification if they continue to use the website after the revised terms and conditions go into effect.
The website (including any or all of the products sold on the website) may be illegal to access and/or use in some countries, and players should be aware of this and accept this risk (eg, the United States). The Player is in charge of making sure that their use of the Website complies with all applicable laws in the country or region in which they are located, as well as making sure that the gaming is legal where they live.

Account application:

To place a bet or register on this website, a user must be at least 18 years old. In addition, this website has the right to request proof of age from users and to block access to their accounts until the necessary information is delivered. Juvenile gaming and responsible gaming are the only topics covered on this website.

The website requires all registration information to be true and full in every way; otherwise, the account will be locked. Any wagers placed before to the account being frozen are still valid, regardless of the result.
By agreeing to the Terms and/or registering to use the Website, the Player acknowledges that the Company reserves the right to take any or all actions that it deems necessary for the use of the Website and other products on the Website, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and/or the requirements of the relevant regulatory authorities. Verification of identity, credit, and other factors. Players will be assumed to have consented to providing all data necessary for this verification. The Company retains the right to restrict or freeze the player’s account in any way we see fit, pending the outcome of the required verification.

Account information:

1. When enrolling on this website, users can select their own username and password. Players are responsible for all wagers and other activities in the personal account and are required to keep this information private.

2. If there is enough cash in the player’s account and they have correctly supplied their username and password, a bet will be considered established (whether or not authorised by the player).

3. The player should make modifications through the website right away if they have any reason to believe that someone else may know their user name and/or password. Please get in touch with us if you’ve forgotten any or all of the information.

4. Players can examine their account balance and transaction history at any time after logging in via the website.

Account freeze:

1. Please get in touch with us if the gamer wants to delete their account. Any negative balance in the player’s account must be paid to the website right away; if it isn’t, the account will be canceled. The player will not be allowed to close the account until all bets have been settled if there are any unpaid wages in the account.

2. The player’s account may be frozen or canceled at any time by this website for any reason. Without affecting the legality of the aforementioned provisions, the website reserves the right to close or freeze the player’s account in any of the following scenarios:

(a) The athlete declared bankruptcy.
(b) This website holds the opinion that players engage in dishonest behavior while using the service or utilize it improperly or illegally.
(c) This website considers that players are acting unfairly, purposefully misleading others, or abusing the website or other players’ conduct while using the website.
(d) In accordance with the police department’s, any regulatory body’s, or a court’s requirements; if this website believes that any of the circumstances listed in (a) to (c) above may have already occurred or will do so.
(e) According to this website, any of the events or circumstances listed in (1) to (3) above may have already happened or will happen. The player is responsible for paying for any claims, losses, liabilities, damages, costs, and expenses (collectively referred to as “claims”) experienced by this website if it closes or freezes the player’s account for any of the reasons listed in (1) to (5) above. This website reserves the right to withhold and/or keep any and all funds (including any winnings or bonuses that should be paid to the player) under the situations listed in (1) to (5) above.

Website use:

1. The performance and/or functionality of the website may be impacted by the player’s computer, mobile device, and internet connection. This website makes no promises as to how well it will function or that there won’t be any interference with the services it offers. The player’s own equipment, network connection, or network/communication service provider may malfunction or cause other issues, and this website is not liable for any such issues. The evaluation of the game’s outcomes is dependent on the data collected and saved by this website.

2. The company’s game products provide entirely random and natural game results that are completely fair and equitable. The website shall seek all available criminal and contractual legal remedies if the player uses the website or any of its goods in a dishonest, dishonest, or unlawful manner. Any player that fits this description will have their account on this website suspended. The player will be held liable for any direct or indirect claims that result from their fraud, dishonesty, or illegal actions, and they will also be accountable for making any necessary restitution to the website.

3. The Site shall not be accountable to the Player or any third party in the case of a communication or system failure linked to creating an account or another Software performance or component. In the event of a failure, OCMS reserves the right to remove all associated products from the Site and take additional action to address the issue.

4. The products available on the Site may be changed or improved at any moment for any reason by JILI.

5. To withdraw any money from JILI, members must play through more than twice as much of their deposits.

6. Due to website maintenance and/or change or correction of any website product, the player may not access all or a portion of the website’s material during the game. JILI will keep the game results from before the aforementioned circumstance.

7. The company maintains the right to make the ultimate determination regarding the result of the player’s game in any circumstance, including but not limited to errors caused by unpredictable circumstances induced by human or system, or exchange rate disparities.